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Merce Roach

CEO | lead qb coach

Over 25 years of coaching and training experience.  Quarterback coach and offensive coordinator at the college and high school levels.  Trained quarterbacks from age 6 to Division 1 college quarterbacks.  Regional Coach for some of the biggest and most prestigious quarterback camps in the country such as Elite 11, QB Impact, and QB Universe.

Nick Voorhees

Quarterback Coach

A part of the first group of young men to come through The MRQU QB Academy 7 years ago.  Nick has helped coach quarterbacks when he came home during his college years.  Now, Nick coaches some of the group sessions and some of the private quarterback sessions.

Lin Hart

Receiver coach

Played receiver at the college level.  Founder and Head Coach of The Gateway Bluejackets Semi Pro Football Program. 15 years as a high school, NCAA, Arena 2, and professional indoor official.  Worked the 2010 and 2011 NCAA playoffs.