Jeff VonDeylen Testimonial

Coach Merce Roach has done an excellent job instructing our son to be a better quarterback. In addition to his on the field training programs, Coach Roach provides inspiration and lessons for his players on life outside of football. He creates a disciplined environment that teaches his players the value of hard work, repetition, and the importance of commitment.  Coach Roach has developed workouts and practice regimens for his players to develop both their physical and mental approach to the game.  He creates a learning environment that challenges the players to consistently improve but also to understand what areas of their game they need to develop. He is a very communicative instructor, and our son enjoys to practice and be in the environment fostered by Coach Roach.  I would highly recommend that any player who wants to work and develop their quarterback skills be part of Coach Roach’s program and philosophy.  The program is an excellent motivator for the athlete and creates a very team oriented environment with the other players in the program.

Jeff VonDeylen