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Passers are always preferred over throwers. When a receiver gets open, the thrower launches the ball in that direction with all their strength. Passers typically throw the ball with the appropriate velocity and touch before the recipient is open.


Just how does one develop a passer? The key is to plan ahead, understand your arm's capabilities, and practice until you have the most efficient throwing motion possible.

Teaching Quarterbacks The Right Way


If you are looking for random cool looking drills, this is NOT the place? Come train with us to sharpen your fundamentals & solidify your approach to the position.


Private on field workouts that will improve your fundamentals and strengthen your weaknesses through a design regimen customized for you.

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You don't PLAY quarterback. You ARE a quarterback!

There are a thousand quarterbacks who are capable of throwing the ball, but the intangibles are what set you apart. It requires a lot more "mental" strength, particularly in terms of leadership and the ability to modify plays and make them successful.

The position of quarterback is not only the most important one in sports, but it is also, eventually, the position with the most influence in sports. Everybody is impacted by the actions of the guy who has the ball.

The key to the success of the offense will mostly depend on how you respond to the responsibility that has been given to you.