The quarterback will be asked to give more of his time than any other position on the team. Often a team is only as good as its quarterback. Therefore, he must know more and be more polished than any other players. A great deal of his time will be spent in the following areas:

WATCHING FILM – There is no way a quarterback can watch enough film of his next opponent. It is the only way to know the strength and weaknesses of various individuals. Watching film of himself in past games or scrimmages is the best way to observe and correct his own faults.

STUDY DEFENSES – As quarterback, he must know as much as possible about the basic defenses he will face. He must know the theory, basic alignments, strengths and weaknesses.

COVERAGES – He must know what type of coverage goes with what front. What coverage is dictated by a specific alignment. What coverage takes away what route or pattern and what is given up by each coverage.

LEARNING THE MECHANICAL SKILLS – He must be adept in the fundamental skills of the position. The snap, exchange, steps, pivots, fakes, and ball handling must be mastered. When he know his techniques well enough to teach it to others, he then knows it well enough.

KNOW THE PLAYS – He must know the plays inside and out. He must know the routes and adjustments, the total backfield action and the basic blocking designs of each play.

CHECK OFFS – He has to know what and where and to what play to check off to and how and WHY.

SNAP COUNT – All the quarterbacks must develop a constant snap count. It is important that all the QBs sound as much alike as possible so if a QB change is made in the middle of a drive, it does not disrupt the tempo of the offense.

DEDICATION – Most of all, he must be dedicated. He cannot be proficient in any of the preceding areas unless he is dedicated. He must worry about one thing – IMPROVING. He strives to become the best he can possibly be.

IMPROVEMENT – He must not worry about others. He cannot worry about what string he is what his up to date statistics are. He must worry about improving day to day.

(1997 Wisconsin Stevens Point)

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