The quarterback is universally looked upon as the leader of an offense and many times of a team. His play has a large influence on the degree of success of the offense. His responsibilities are many, and when on the field, he must be in total command of the offense. A quarterbacks action, execution and leadership will have a tremendous bearing on how effective an offense will be in moving the ball, scoring points and ultimately in helping the team win. Every player on the team will look to the quarterback when the going gets tough. The quarterback must show the leadership and confidence necessary to inspire his teammates. To do this, a quarterback must be prepared to face a multitude of ever-changing game situations and must have the respect and confidence of his teammates.

Knowledge enables us to utilize our physical skills. Great arm strength alone cannot assure success as a quarterback, the cognitive aspect of the game is just as, if not, more important than the physical skills. Quarterbacks must develop a variety of physical and mental skills which will allow them to work efficiently in the offensive system.

Your commitment and dedication to your position must be total. You will be asked to do a great deal during the course of the season. You must ALWAYS represent yourself by your actions on and off the field in a way that will reflect your burning desire to be a champion.

Go make it a championship season.

(1997 Wisconsin Stevens Point)

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