QB Training

Today’s game of football revolves around the quarterback. This position has become so advanced with the development of the high powered, multiple set offense and defense.

Merce believes the quarterback of today must be able to do many things on the field with great sophistication and excellence, in order to perform at a mastery level.  In order to achieve the goal of developing the complete quarterback, Merce uses unconventional methods, resources, and cutting edge scientific training to enhance the vital mental and physical behaviors required to master the craft of playing quarterback.


At some point in a quarterback’s development, their results either plateau or drop off.  That’s where training with Merce comes in.

The innovator of the QUARTERBACK IMMERSION SYSTEM, Merce connects mental and physical science in getting quarterbacks to perform at a mastery level in any situation and be a difference maker regardless of anything in the external environment.

Known as the quarterback Architect, Merce Roach believes the essence of being a quarterback is about being calm and steady while surrounded by chaos. He must have a vision bigger than himself, bigger than the moment.

Learn the scientific proven behaviors and tools that Merce has used for the last decade to have immediate impact and create lasting success in quarterbacks. You will learn how to perform at an elite level in any situation and be a difference maker.  Take control of your play regardless of anything in the external environment.

Quarterback is about making the right decision reality. The definition is simple: A true quarterback is able to effectively execute the game plan physically, mentally, and mechanically while in the midst of the storm. Can you remain calm and be excellent in the eye of the storm, in the presence of anarchy?

Are you tired of doing just drills?

Push yourself to quarterback mastery by training with Merce. You will work with Merce in the classroom and on the field to develop mastery mental and physical quarterbacking skills that lead you down the path of clearly achieving your goals. Using the strategies pioneered by Merce, you will discover methods for overcoming the obstacles in your way to becoming a successful quarterback. Team up with Merce and start achieving today!



Coach Merce Roach

Executive Director & Lead QB Coach


◾ Quarterback – Lutheran High School North, St. Louis, Mo.

◾ Quarterback – Greenville University, Greenville, IL.

◾ Quarterback Coach – Greenville University, Greenville, IL.

◾ Quarterback Coach / Offensive Coordinator – Lutheran High School, St. Peter’s, Mo.

◾ QB Impact Regional Coach

◾ Elite 11 Regional Coach

Email: merce@themrqu.com


Coach Nick Voorhees

QB Coach
Email: nick@themrqu.com

Private QB Training Details

✔All sessions are 1 on 1

✔Meet once per week for training

✔Each QB will be given mandatory homework

✔Your weekly training time is locked in

🏈 Mechanics and Technique development
🏈 Proper Film Study
🏈 3D Training
🏈 Cognitive Development
🏈 Mental Conditioning and Preparedness

Training is held in the Francis Howell North Area in St. Charles, Missouri


🏆 10 Sessions (50 minutes each) – $500    REGISTER